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Parsons School of design thesis 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

Today's mid review key points.

From Vision education, Corbett had some very interesting insights on my project that really began to hit the improvement needed/missing areas.

I just jotted fragments of statements I felt they were more powerful while open to interpretation.

1 "mini goals" great concept, during the cutting/construction process of a template create motivations to continue. It is no fun to keep cutting parts out it becomes extremely monotonous and dull. But if though graphic/text elements you are lead to cut a few bits out then glue parts together to make a solid form, this creates a tangible form of accomplishment and motivation to continue.

2"add on(s)" Several different models that interact. Moving lego(s)if you will. (this one while similar to a prior of concept of mine I'm taking with a grain of salt it has many different possible meanings)

3"interest to start playing" why will somebody pick this up or download it? How does it's graphic representation convey what this is about, what is used to spark interest. What tells the viewer that this is a pattern to to build a moving tangible object from a flat sheet of paper?

4"more recognizable objects" This is very true, almost every body has responded to the oil pump concept with interest and delight. While the more abstract gears and crank are ambiguous to its function as an object in the world. In short creating mechanical parts for mechanical parts sake is not interesting beyond its self. Interesting machines are ones that have historical, cultural, social and emotional connections and will draw people in.

Now with these broad new considerations there is much to be experimented with, this is where I would like to open this up to as many people as possible. If there are any graphic designers, engineers, teachers who are interested or have suggestions, comments, feedback or anybody willing to construct a pattern please Do not hesitate to contact me or post a message.


  • At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, I am a pepakura user and I can see that you have an interesting idea about to make educational stuff, you should check this thing:

    it would be great to make something like this but with paper, even if is not made of cubes instead they could be rails or roads that lead the marbles

    also I recommend to you to buy a craft robo, because it helps a lot when you are a creator, you need to make prototypes and when you build so many it takes too much time, is better if a machine helps


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