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Parsons School of design thesis 2007

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Look further now concepts of open source and design in the manifest physical world some interesting sights came up. Ronen kadushin and his open design is an interesting working model of concepts I have been thinking about. Its a refreshing look at how he is using the digital world to freely distribute designs that can be downloaded, and made for non commercial use under the Commons Deed

I find this quite interesting in notions of offering forms as ideas to play with, they can be edited revised customized made, passed on and have derivative works created. Ilso i think this model proposes a potential system which can be learned from. The potential to offer products that are commercially made but origins are open source for anybody to use while the creator holds the rights for its commercial sale I'm not to sure if this is a bastardization of that system yet or a viable way to foster innovation sharing and ensuring profit.


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